Group Insurance

The most common group benefit provided is medical insurance and the employer pays at least half of the premium for the employee. Anything above that is optional to the employer. Other coverages include group life insurance with an option to buy voluntary coverage for the employee and family.

Dental insurance either a voluntary basis or the employer can pay a portion of the premium for the employee family.

Vision is also another valuable benefit.

And long-term disability as well as short-term disability is often utilized by employees when offered the opportunity to purchase that coverage.

Professional Benefits Group will implement, enroll and service the benefits for your employees.

For employers with 2+ employees we will implement traditional 401K plans as well as Roth 401k plans and will assist in determination if a Safe Harbor 401k is right for you. He also provides services with SEP IRAs as well as simple IRAs.

For municipalities whether it’s a city or county we will provide assistance and consultation as well as implementation with 457/deferred compensation plans.

Do you provide insurance coverage for your team?

We can assist you in reviewing your goals and determining the interest from your team.

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